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red ribbon week

October 16 - 20, 2017

Red Ribbon Week is to remind us all to live a drug-free life and have fun, too! October is also Bullying Prevention month so we want to remember to always treat people with respect - the same way we want to be treated!

Monday, October 16 - "Proud to be a drug-free Rocket!"
Wear purple or a Selmaville Rocket shirt

Tuesday, October 17 - "Don't let drugs find you!"
Wear Camouflage clothes

Wednesday, October 18 - "Wherever you go, just say no!"
Dress like a tourist or wear a shirt from somewhere you have visited or vacationed

Thursday, October 19 - "Dress for a successful drug-free future"
Dress for picture day!

Friday, October 20 - "Friends don't let friends do drugs"
Dress to match a friend, or dress as a pair like Batman/Robin, PB/Jelly

Picture Day Oct 19th

About US

A brief note about the history of Selmaville School

Young School met in a building, during the 1840's, that was used as a one-room school and a church.  Young School then moved to a building on the corner of Red Stripe and Selmaville Road.  This school used a well, located in the front yard, as a water source.  The entire community came to fill their water tanks from this well, and surprisingly, it never ran dry.  Due to the large addition of "oil boom" students in the late 1930's, this school was divided into two buildings.  In the early 1940's a new Young School building was built on the site of our present school.

Shanafelt School was also a one-room school.  This building site, located on the corner of Selmaville Road and Route 50, was the location of our former Selmaville North School.  Over a period of time, each school began to consolidate with other one-room schools.

A decision was made to consolidate Young School and Shanafelt School.  In 1967, Selmaville School was established.  Students in grades kindergarten through fourth grade were placed in the old Shanafelt building.  Students in grades five through eight attended school in the old Young School, where our current school is now located.

This arrangement continued until the South School was remodeled, and the new portion of our school was constructed. Our North students moved to our current campus in November of 2004.